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detailingde‧tail‧ing /ˈdiːteɪlɪŋ $ dɪˈteɪlɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  1 DCDECORATEdecorations that are added to something such as a car or piece of clothing2 American English the process of cleaning a car very thoroughly, inside and out syn valeting British English
Examples from the Corpus
detailingOrnaments and statues were cast in a mould and the material lent itself very well to this technique, preserving crisp detailing.We chose Chippendale's rococo units with elegant blue-grey door detailing and Formica worksurfaces.Consultancies have been slow to invest in the available new technology for the efficient detailing of their everyday work.The Cartesian projection, narrowing towards the poles, is practical for detailing and is used in most coastal ordnance surveys.Check out their sweat tops and bottoms in black or white with gold detailing - from £25.99.Heavy, woollen - perhaps even wooden - tailoring with over-scaled collars and sleeve detailing opened up to reveal ghastly print linings.
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