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detaineede‧tain‧ee /ˌdiːteɪˈniː/ noun [countable] formal  SCJKEEP somebody IN A PLACEsomeone who is officially kept in a prison, usually because of their political views
Examples from the Corpus
detaineeAll 641 detainees at Bourdj Omar Driss were released by June 8.The government has ordered the trial of all detainees within six months.Torture is still being used to intimidate detainees.Rather than inciting its detainees to try and get out, Le Portalet probably taunted them with the impossibility of such a thing.According to a recent report, many detainees claim that police have mistreated them.Rangoon-based diplomats were reported as saying that the number of political detainees was much higher than the official figure.The prison's 1,300 inmates - many of them political detainees - were reported to have been released.The detainees have been turned over to the federal attorney general's office and couldn't be reached for comment.Women detainees often get inadequate medical care.Women detainees are particularly vulnerable to having their needs ignored.
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