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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeterminatede‧ter‧mi‧nate /dɪˈtɜːmənət $ -ɜːr-/ adjective  LIMIT formal definite or with an exact limit opp indeterminate a determinate prison sentence of five years
Examples from the Corpus
determinateBut like Many saidi, when his pride or dignity were crossed he was capable of fierce anger and determinate action.All we require is a well-defined concept that makes R determinate and is consistent with symmetry.Thus, it is clear that normal speakers do not have a determinate concept of the things these words denote.There is no determinate object, then, which we can call the meaning of this sentence.A demise for years is a contract for the exclusive possession and profit of land for some determinate period.Also receiving determinate prison sentences are those whose offence is reduced to manslaughter on a combined plea of provocation and diminished responsibility.Consequently there are no cases in our books which show what the appropriate determinate sentence is specifically for that offence.
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