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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeterminationde‧ter‧mi‧na‧tion /dɪˌtɜːməˈneɪʃən $ -ɜːr-/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 [uncountable]DETERMINED the quality of trying to do something even when it is difficultdetermination to do something Yuri shows great determination to learn English. his dogged determination (=very strong determination) to succeed2 [countable, uncountable] formalDECIDE the act of deciding something officiallydetermination of the determination of government policy3 [countable]FIND OUT formal the act of finding the exact level, amount, or cause of somethingdetermination of accurate determination of the temperatureCOLLOCATIONSverbshave determinationTo become a professional musician, you need to have a lot of determination.show determination (also demonstrate determination formal)From a very early age, she showed great determination.something requires determinationSuccess requires hard work and determination.express your determination to do somethingHe made a speech expressing his determination to rebuild the economy.underline your determination to do something (=emphasize it)The prime minister underlined his determination to keep interest rates high.adjectivesgreat determinationShe showed great determination to succeed.fierce determination (=involving strong feelings)They fought with fierce determination.dogged/steely/grim determination (=very strong determination)As a politician she was known for her dogged determination.sheer determination (=nothing except great determination)He had survived by sheer determination.ruthless determination (=that involves not caring about hurting other people)the ruthless determination of his business careersingle-minded determination (=having one clear aim and working very hard to achieve it)Whatever task he undertook was tackled with single-minded determination.
THESAURUSdetermination the quality of continuing to try to do something, even when it is difficultBill got where he is today by sheer hard work and determination.I really admired her determination to live her own life.willpower the ability to control your mind and body in order to achieve something you have decided to doIt takes a lot of willpower to give up smoking.She made herself get better by sheer willpower, when everyone else had given up hope.drive the determination and energy to succeed, especially in business or workWe’re looking for young people who have drive, initiative, and new ideas.He’s clever enough, but he lacks drive.resolve formal a strong determination to succeed in doing something, especially because you are sure that it is a good thing to doThe poverty she saw there strengthened her resolve to do something to help.The success of a military enterprise depends partly on the resolve of its leaders.perseverance the ability to continue trying to achieve something over a long period in a patient way, even when this is difficultReaching this standard of musical skill requires incredible perseverance.A good teacher should have imagination and perseverance.ruthlessness the quality of being extremely determined to achieve what you want, and not caring if you have to hurt other people to do itHe was a man who pursued his aims with complete ruthlessness.The revolt was suppressed with total ruthlessness.tenacity formal the determination to never stop trying to do something, especially when other people try to stop youHe clung to power with a remarkable tenacity. When fighting cancer, Tsongas showed the same tenacity he displayed in politics.
Examples from the Corpus
determinationDetermination and hard work led Sanders from poverty to success.As usual Eva entered into the spirit of the thing with energy and determination.After the accident, Bill learned to walk again through sheer hard work and determination.This book really has everything: extraction; cleanup; determination.Success requires dogged determination, as well as ability.On the other hand, the agency has been dragging its feet all the way in making the endangered determination.Great determination only occurs when there is great passion.The inhabitant of two dimensional space could also refine the use of his measurement to make a quantitive determination of curvature.A spokesman stressed the police's determination to find the girl's killer.But its seeming determination to do so is deeply troubling.There was no cheering on the part of the men, but a stubborn determination to obey orders and do their duty.determination to do somethingHe went on to be distressingly adamant about his determination to marry a virgin.But the President would not be moved from his determination to keep his promise to KohI.Following a tremendous start to this term, the one-time journeyman has pronounced his determination to go for the title.Curiously, what was in those eyes, along with decaying hope, was an inexplicable determination to live.Few would question Lloyd's determination to win business which now walks past its door and into rivals such as Commercial Union.They have not buckled down to the determination to fight this war through.The authorities may contend that they demonstrate their determination to find extremists in the ranks.As for Mrs Thatcher's loudly voiced determination to force through a replacement of the Lance nuclear missile, nobody is listening.
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