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determine to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdetermine to do somethingdetermine to do somethingformalINTEND to decide to do something We determined to leave at once. determine
Examples from the Corpus
determine to do somethingI was determined to be as good.Angelina was determined to bring Sir Thomas to book as soon as she could.Odysseus was determined to drive the suitors away by force, but how could two men take on a whole company?C., seems determined to keep it from going to a floor vote.He is determined to live amongst his people, to travel with them.Hamilton Fish, determined to marry her, wrote daily letters: meet me on that corner, at that restaurant.The Society has always doubted whether family cases are capable of the standardisation the government is determined to promote.The lads beaten in Edinburgh were determined to regain their pride.Turner makes no excuses, just determines to work harder.
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