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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeterminedde‧ter‧mined /dɪˈtɜːmɪnd $ -ɜːr-/ ●●○ W3 adjective  1 DETERMINEDhaving a strong desire to do something, so that you will not let anyone stop you Gwen is a very determined woman.determined to do something She was determined to win.determined (that) He was determined that the same mistakes would not be repeated.2 DETERMINEDshowing determination, especially in a difficult situationdetermined attempt/effort She was making a determined effort to give up smoking. The library was closed down despite determined opposition.THESAURUSdetermined if you are determined to do something, you have decided that you are definitely going to do it, and you will not let anything stop you. Determined is also used about someone’s character, when they usually behave in this wayI was determined to be a doctor.She’s a very determined woman.stubborn determined not to change what you are doing, especially when other people think you are behaving in an unreasonable way. Stubborn is often used when you disapprove of someone. It is also sometimes used when you admire themI wish you would stop being so stubborn!Churchill’s stubborn refusal to surrender single-minded someone who is single-minded works very hard in order to achieve one particular thing, and thinks that everything else is much less importantDuring a war, a leader must be single-minded and, if necessary, ruthless.her single-minded pursuit of powertough /tʌf/ determined to succeed, even if a situation is difficult or frighteningIn competitive sports, it is as important to be mentally tough as it is to be physically fit.Gorelick is known as a tough manager.firm showing by your behaviour that you are determined not to change your mind, especially when you are telling someone what to doWhat this country needs is firm leadership.You have to be firm with young children.feisty determined and full of energy, and not afraid to say what you think and argue with people – used especially when you admire this person. Feisty is often used about womenIn the film she plays a feisty young woman who is smarter than all the men put together.a feisty kid with a mind of his own the city’s feisty mayorheadstrong determined to do what you want, without listening to other people’s advice or thinking about the results of your actions – used especially about young peopleHer sister was headstrong and impulsive, and made a point of going out whenever and wherever she liked. resolute formal doing something in a very determined way because you have very strong beliefs, aims etcthe soldiers’ resolute defence of the towntenacious formal determined and refusing to give upMcTaggart was seen by many in the environment movement as a tenacious hero.his tenacious grip on powerdogged [only before noun] dogged behaviour shows that you are very determined and that you will not give up – used especially in the following phrases: dogged determination/persistence/resistance/refusalThe team played with dogged determination.his dogged refusal to admit defeatthe dogged persistence of the defenders persistent continuing to do something, although this is difficult, or other people warn you not to do itIf you want to get a job, you have to be persistent. Don’t give up.strong-willed always very determined to do what you want to do, even if other people think it is not a good idea to do itShe has always been a strong-willed child.ruthless /ˈruːθləs/ someone who is ruthless is so determined to get what they want, that they do not care if they harm other peoplea ruthless dictatorHe was ruthless in his ambition.mean business to be determined to do something and show other people that you are determined to do it, even if it involves harming someoneThe one-day strike proved that the union meant business.
Examples from the Corpus
determinedThere's no point in trying to stop her -- it'll only make her more determined.I also hope all parties will work together in a determined and responsible manner to solve the main problem facing this nation.The world must make a more determined effort to stop the flow of arms to trouble spots.I was immediately impressed by how determined he was.Both sides in the dispute seemed determined not to compromise.We were determined not to start off with a mortgage round our necks if we could possibly avoid it.The proposal met with determined opposition from the government.He was prepared, determined, ready.Paul Ince escapes criticism for his usual wholehearted endeavours and determined talking.She was determined that her children should have the best possible education.I had brought a rifle with me to Abyssinia. determined to achieve my dream of hunting big game.I was determined to be a professional dancer, and practised for hours every day.It sounded determined to break through the glass.The third question was: If everything is determined, what becomes of free will and our responsibility for our actions?Not many women went to university in those days, but Dorothy was a very determined woman.determined to do somethingThe buses and taxis I determined to avoid became a central part of nearly every painting.Like I told you, we're determined to crown our collection with that seladang bull.But they're determined to go through with it.Her body seemed determined to ignore the danger signals now at last flashing through her brain.Harold was determined to marry Esther.Andrew was determined to pursue a computer career.We are determined to reduce this fear.How can the nation judge Labour's sincerity if Labour is determined to resist?Democrats in Congress are determined to reverse the Supreme Court's recent anti-affirmative-action rulings.determined attempt/effortBut these gifts are also the product of determined effort.She had made determined attempts at suicide by slashing her wrists several times.Had her shyly determined efforts to be friendly with the other quieter girls like herself been so thoroughly misinterpreted?That accounted for its stridency and its determined effort to provoke alarm.He blew his nose vigorously, straightened his dressing gown and made a determined effort to regain a measure of composure.For the sake of your health make a determined effort to stop smoking.In other words, the subjects were making determined efforts to understand the dynamic aspects of the problem.
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