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detonatordet‧o‧na‧tor /ˈdetəneɪtə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  PMPMWTIa piece of equipment used to make a bomb etc explode
Examples from the Corpus
detonatorLater, the guard was forced to put on a belt packed with plastic explosives and connected to a detonator.A detonator had failed to set it off.It fires beer cans stuffed with concrete and dynamite detonators.Benedita was a six-foot, three-inch detonator who exploded books full of theories and generalizations in minutes.They had some Lewes bombs, but no detonators, and thus could not carry out their mission.The wires had no detonators attached to the ends of them.The bomb consisted of 30 sticks of dynamite rigged to three separate detonators.They jointly chose to ignore their employer's orders and statutory safety regulations, by testing detonators without taking shelter.
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