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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdetractorde‧trac‧tor /dɪˈtræktə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  CRITICIZEsomeone who says bad things about someone or something, in order to make them seem less good than they really are syn criticsomebody’s detractors Even the president’s detractors admit that the decision was the right one.
Examples from the Corpus
detractorAnd detractors question whether the allegations have been motivated by a search for justice or a search for money.He warily gazed around at his detractors, fully aware that any slim camaraderie they shared was likely to smolder as well.Mannheim's relationism seemed to his detractors like a hollow promise, an attempt to have it both ways.As the most visible and voluble owner in the National Football League, Jones has more than his share of detractors.The detractors say they are relative newcomers who would have constituted a gamble.His approach has won keen admirers and vociferous detractors in the United States.
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