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de‧vel‧op‧ment W1


[uncountable] the process of gradually becoming bigger, better, stronger, or more advanced:
child development
development of
a course on the development of Greek thought
professional/personal development
opportunities for professional development

economic activity

[uncountable] the process of increasing business, trade, and industrial activity
economic/industrial/business etc development
economic development in Russia


[countable] a new event or piece of news that changes a situation:
recent political developments in the former Soviet Union
We will keep you informed of developments.

new plan/product

TI [uncountable] the process of working on a new product, plan, idea etc to make it successful:
The funds will be used for marketing and product development.
under/in development
Spielberg has several interesting projects under development.


[countable] a change that makes a product, plan, idea etc better:
There have been significant computer developments during the last decade.

building process

[uncountable]TB the process of planning and building new houses, streets etc on land
for development
The land was sold for development.

houses/offices etc

[countable]TBBSG a group of new buildings that have all been planned and built together on the same piece of land:

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