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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeviantde‧vi‧ant /ˈdiːviənt/ adjective  NORMAL#different, in a bad way, from what is considered normal deviant behaviourdeviant noun [countable] a sexual deviant
Examples from the Corpus
deviantResistance to control makes Nicky a problem, a deviant, a troublemaker.Certain practices that once were condemned as deviant are now considered fairly normal.Stereotyped deviant behaviour is inevitably a social phenomenon, and concerns us almost as much as it does social psychologists or psychiatrists.As in the Victorian prisons and asylums, the retention of personal sanity required some deviant dodges.However, there were clear differences in expectations of deviant pupils.The normal justification thesis allows for deviant reasons.There are many other deviant roles whose scripts exclude women.Without tampering with the deviant sentence itself, we can investigate the effects of placing it in variously elaborated discourse contexts.The magazine shows people engaging in deviant sexual acts.deviant sexual behavior
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