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devildev‧il /ˈdevəl/ ●●○ S3 noun  1 the devil2 [countable]RFRO an evil spirit syn demon The villagers believed a devil had taken control of his body.3 speak of the devil4 poor/lucky/handsome etc devil5 little/old devil6 be a devil7 what/who/why etc the devil?8 a devil of a time/job etc9 go to the devil!10 do something like the devil11 better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t)12 between the devil and the deep blue sea13 ... and the devil take the hindmost14 the devil makes/finds work for idle hands15 the devil is in the detail devil's advocate
Examples from the Corpus
devilBeside him stood a devil in red tights with horns and a forked tail.If we come really unstuck, then we can blame the devil!But he was an old man nevertheless, with young boys being so close and full of the devil.There was a representation of the devil carrying off the wicked to Hades.The Bible makes it clear that the devil and his forces are the masters of misrepresentation.I said, if it wasn't true, then the devils would be exorcized.What the devil does he want?
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