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devoteedev‧o‧tee /ˌdevəˈtiː/ noun [countable]  1 ADMIREsomeone who enjoys or admires someone or something very muchdevotee of a devotee of 1930s films2 RRa very religious person a Sikh devotee
Examples from the Corpus
devoteeHe's a devotee of old Hollywood movies.None the less, Monk and Coltrane devotees will savor this summit meeting.That Clenbuterol, the stimulating steroid that got three Brits sent home, is known to its devotees as Dopers Delight.But he was able to overwhelm an audience of devotees by genuine warmth and frankness.Perhaps you already are an online devotee, a chatroom habitue.Opera devotees were disappointed with the performance.By definition, any successful denomination looks out for the welfare of at least its own devotees.Urquhart, a rich devotee of the arts, made generous donations to the museum.Competition punting only takes place on the Thames but the sport's devotees take it very seriously.Healing spas were based on a local cult figure and the devotees underwent rituals which included bathing and communal eating.devotee ofa devotee of Buddhism
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