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devotionalde‧vo‧tion‧al /dɪˈvəʊʃənəl $ -ˈvoʊ-/ adjective  RRrelating to or used in religious services devotional music
Examples from the Corpus
devotionalThrough a high level of devotional art they enact stages of the contemplative game - indeed provide means of play.In her own writings she went considerably beyond the biblical Song of Songs or even Hindu devotional language in her descriptions.A discovery of Anglo-Catholicism and its devotional power, originally through its fanatical critics, and then fostered by wise friends.In the Hindu tradition, a favorite devotional practice is the clothing of the images of the gods.It was a devotional rather than a theological work.When the devotional speaker said amen, Lois was amazed when Charleen started right in.Such emotionally fervent piety was also provided with a catalyst in the devotional use of images.They are poetic and devotional works, rather than chronicles.
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