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devoutde‧vout /dɪˈvaʊt/ adjective  1 RRsomeone who is devout has a very strong belief in a religion a devout Catholicsee thesaurus at religious2 formalSTRONG FEELING OR BELIEF a devout hope or wish is one that you feel very strongly It is my devout hope that we can work together in peace.devoutly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
devoutLouis became an extremely devout and ascetic man.Inside the restored stone house, an altar crowned by a statue of Mary drew the devout and the curious.Conley is a devout believer in specialty niches.Only two groups of women who make up the Republican base gave Dole strong support: devout evangelical women and homemakers.It is my devout hope that we can work together and solve this crisis.For me, our passion was a devout involvement of heart, body and mind.The shema is still repeated daily by devout Jews the world over.Rachel's parents are devout Mormons.a devout MuslimBernard was the most devout of all her sons.The devout Roman Catholic said she got involved with Richard because he said he cared for her and he was single.The devout, semiliterate Kasturbai stood aghast and uncomprehending.
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