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dewydew‧y /ˈdjuːi $ ˈduːi/ adjective  DNwet with drops of dew I walked barefoot through the dewy grass.
Examples from the Corpus
dewyIt will begin to look and feel revitalised and dewy.The forsythia bushes at the back of the santuario yielded a delicate, sweet scent in the dewy air.I get all dewy and misty-eyed when I read the Constitution.Everything was dewy and peaceful and quiet.Richard did not turn up until dawn, the first birds chirping over the lush, dewy college lawns.dewy grassAfter a short time I was walking, the morning sunlight on the dewy grass.They can be blotted down for an even more subtle finish, if you prefer, then topped with a dewy lipgloss.The berries on the trees, dust washed off at last, have an inviting dewy sheen.
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