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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdiametricallydi‧a‧met‧ri‧cally /ˌdaɪəˈmetrɪkli/ adverb   diametrically opposed/opposite
Examples from the Corpus
diametricallyTherefore, introspection and self-observation are diametrically opposed in action and effect, and should never be confused one with another.In essence, the founding giants of the computer industry were diametrically opposed in both platform and product.To begin with, he was diametrically opposed to the economic ideas advocated by Adam Smith.A more recent image is diametrically opposed to this and emphasizes the affluence of later life.Here then the first mate and the captain are diametrically opposed.The assumptions in the two systems are almost diametrically opposed.Furthermore, the lift generated will act in a diametrically opposite direction when the rotation of the cylinder is reversed.Its neighbouring census tract to the north exhibited diametrically opposite trends, suggesting that whilst one area improved another declined.
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