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die intestate

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdie intestatedie intestatelawSCL to die without having made a will (=a statement about who you want to have your property after you die) intestate
Examples from the Corpus
die intestateSimpson died intestate 23 March 1847 in Aberdeen.He died intestate and administration of his estate was granted to his son John, 23 December 1651 in London.However, he died intestate and she claimed that she was absolutely entitled to the deceased's house and other property.Mr Humber died intestate and the plates therefore returned to the family.Hepplewhite had died intestate at Redcross Street by 27 June 1786, when administration was granted to his widow, Alice.Partner Richardson died intestate, leaving no directions for conveying his estate and interests in the mines.He had thought Lehmann had died intestate that his vast fortune had gone back to the Seven.If a person died intestate the court had power to grant letters of administration of his estate to executors.
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