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Maradona, Diego

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMaradona, DiegoDiego MaradonaMar‧a‧don‧a, Di‧e‧go /ˌmærəˈdɒnə $ -ˈdɑː-, diˈeɪɡəʊ/  (1960–) an Argentinian football player, considered one of the greatest players ever, who played for Argentina’s national team from 1976–1994 and helped them win the world cup in 1986. Many people in the UK remember how, in a World Cup game against England, Argentina got a goal after the ball had touched Maradona’s hand. Afterwards he said that it was ‘the hand of God’ that had got the goal. He was suspended (=not allowed to play) in 1991 and again in 1994 for using illegal drugs.
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