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diesel fuel

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diesel fuelˈdiesel ˌfuel (also diesel oil) noun [uncountable]  TTCTIdiesel
Examples from the Corpus
diesel fuelAt least that was the case in Britain, where the gap between petrol and diesel fuel prices has always been small.Oil and gas From September 1989 shortages of petrol and diesel fuel were reported, notably in the Caucasus and northern Siberia.The state mandated cleaner-burning diesel fuel way back in October 1993.He said higher diesel fuel cost the company about 10 per share in the first quarter.The sharp rise last spring led to the average price of diesel fuel rising by 14 % between 1999 and 2000.In fact, earlier this year, retail diesel fuel prices were lower in California on average than in Nevada.The car then went up in flames from the diesel fuel that spilled from the Amtrak engine.They weren't chemists; but they started mixing ammonium nitrate fertiliser with diesel fuel, and detonating the mixture with dynamite.
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