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difference of opinion

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdifference of opiniondifference of opinionDISAGREEa slight disagreement There have been some differences of opinion as to exactly how the money should be spent. difference
Examples from the Corpus
difference of opinionI just have a difference of opinion with Sen.There is a difference of opinion between the chairman and the board as to the best way to handle the takeover.The split reflects a difference of opinion simmering for months within the Republican Party.There were also differences of opinion about the degree of malice involved.Despite these economically based differences of opinion, those passing initiative petitions claim to have found widespread public support.And here lies a fundamental difference of opinion - how should a National Park operate?There were major differences of opinion over who should command the UN forces.Miss Diane died of a brain haemorrhage after a sharp difference of opinion with the producer about salary.Has the case resulted in significant differences of opinion in the courts below?Some difference of opinion exists as to the order of drugs to be administered.
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