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differentialdif‧fe‧ren‧tial1 /ˌdɪfəˈrenʃəl◂/ noun [countable]  1 DIFFERENT formal a difference between things, especially between the wages of people doing different types of jobs in the same industry or professionpay/wage/salary differential2 TEM technical a differential gear
Examples from the Corpus
differentialIncomes policies eroded differentials, and trade union action was limited by long-term contracts.In this case pay differentials and inequality in society would be unaltered.At issue is a vast pay differential.Another major problem can arise in house price differentials.However, between grade categories there were striking differentials in income and other measures of socioeconomic status.Employees needed to know the wage differential and how that impacted unit labor costs.For such workers, the wage differential precisely measures their willingness to pay for safety.The wage differential between managers and workers is huge.pay/wage/salary differentialThat both sources of pay differential exist may come as no surprise, their relative size was not anticipated.Estimates based on wage differentials are also reported in a study by Robert 5.Employees needed to know the wage differential and how that impacted unit labor costs.Furthermore, I don't think the pay differentials in Grades 4 and above properly reflect the job's responsibilities.For such workers, the wage differential precisely measures their willingness to pay for safety.Wages as such and therefore wage differentials do not exist in many kibbutzim.At issue is a vast pay differential.
differentialdifferential2 adjective  DIFFERENTbased on or depending on a difference differential rates of pay differential treatment of part-time and full-time staff
Examples from the Corpus
differentialSaussure's starting point is, as we have seen, that signs in language are arbitrary and differential.In order to achieve all this, Newton had to develop many mathematical techniques-in addition to differential calculus.In fact, the information-processing mechanisms are designed for implementing the systems of differential equations associated with neural networks.Differential pay will be given to teachers who oversee student club meetings.Taylor called it the differential rate.They conclude that differential rewards are functional for society, that they contribute to the maintenance and well-being of social systems.Recombinant cDNA were analyzed by differential screening.
From Longman Business Dictionarydifferentialdif‧fe‧ren‧tial1 /ˌdɪfəˈrenʃəl◂/ noun [countable] the amount of difference that there is between two thingsdifferential inThere is a severe differential in the quality of jobs between the north and south of the country. duty differential earnings differential price differentialdifferentialdifferential2 adjective [only before a noun] based on or depending on a difference between two thingsThe change in the exchange rate over a period will equal the differential inflation rates between the two countries.
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