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dig deep

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdig deepdig deepto use something which you have, especially money or effort, which you would not normally need With one man sent off, the team had to dig deep and hang on for a draw. dig
Examples from the Corpus
dig deepWith the chips down, we had to dig deep.When Eddie digs deep and finds that place in herself that knows and trusts her abilities, she plays like a winner.Discipline yourself to dig deep and get at facts which can be substantiated.They dig deep in search of mineral deposits to replenish those expended in the last year of growth.They comprise pits dug deep into the ground, lined with logs, and covered with a low cairn of stones.If there is a big quake, many homeowners would have to dig deep into their own funds, he said.The preparation stage of this exercise asks you to dig deep, setting aside time to ask yourself some probing questions.Another response has been to dig deeper than usual into waiting lists or to lower admissions standards.
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