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digital television

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdigital televisionˌdigital ˈtelevision noun  1 (also digital) [uncountable] a system of broadcasting using digital signalsanalogue, cable2 [countable] a television which can receive digital broadcasts
Examples from the Corpus
digital televisionInterference and ghost images caused by reflections of the received signal are more easily cancelled out in a digital television.A digital television immediately decodes the incoming sound and picture signals and converts them into an 8-bit digital code.The potential bounty lies in a slice of the public airwaves designated to be the home of advanced, digital television.People must buy either a new digital television or a converter box to use with their old set.Hey, how about that new digital television revolution?If a Federal Communications Commission deadline stands, the changeover from analog to digital television will be complete by 2006.Then again, the transition to digital television could take much longer than expected.
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