Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: dignité, from Latin dignitas 'worth', from dignus 'deserving admiration'


dig‧ni‧ty [uncountable]
1 the ability to behave in a calm controlled way even in a difficult situation
with dignity
The family faced their ordeal with dignity.
an appearance of quiet dignity

your dignity

your sense of your own value or importance
retain/lose your dignity
Old people need to retain their dignity and independence.
Arguing was beneath her dignity (=was something she thought she was too important to do).
3 the fact of being respected or deserving respect
with dignity
Patients should be allowed to die with dignity.
Prisoners should be treated with regard for human dignity.
4 a calm and serious quality
dignity of
the dignity of the occasion

stand on your dignity

formal to demand to be treated with proper respect

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