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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdingydin‧gy /ˈdɪndʒi/ adjective (comparative dingier, superlative dingiest)  DARKdark, dirty, and in bad condition a dingy room a dingy side-streetsee thesaurus at dirtydinginess noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
dingyThe room was damp and dingy.Normally Roberto shunned the low-class and dingy.However long she had been there, the whole stretch was a dingy aching trail of work and beatings.a dark, dingy basementThe girl felt a call coming like a flaming arrow across the dingy coffee bar.Through the dingy gloom of this motionless train, I catch a first glimpse of my fellow travellers.The room told me nothing. just a bare, impersonal space in a cheap, dingy hotel.He ate lunch in a dingy little cafe next to the station.Political consultants used to be little-known operatives working in dingy offices trying to elect better-known candidates.The newsagent stood next to the bookmakers in a parade of dingy shops.
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