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dinosaurdi‧no‧saur /ˈdaɪnəsɔː $ -sɔːr/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 HBAHEone of a group of reptiles that lived millions of years ago2 informalOLD-FASHIONED someone or something that is old-fashioned and no longer effective or suitable for modern times lengthy speeches by some of the party’s dinosaurs
Examples from the Corpus
dinosaurThe Health Service has become a dinosaur. It needs radical reform if it is to survive.The Maine dam is a dinosaur which should be removed.Some people at work are dinosaurs, some are dragons, and some are both.Today the Opposition revealed themselves as dinosaurs because they acted as mere apologists for the old established order.The site, which abuts the Carson National Forest, is rich in dinosaur bones.Examples of the two major kinds of dinosaurs, showing the structure of the hip bones which distinguishes them.Pictures of dinosaurs popped up in Jurassic Park.Today they are out doing an excavation, looking for whatever is down there in conjunction with their theme on dinosaurs.The line-up includes a number of rock-n-roll dinosaurs who should have hung up their guitars long ago.Some of the dinosaurs of heavy metal music will be on tour this summer.Extrapolating this knowledge to a 10-ton dinosaur, they calculated that a one-degree rise in body temperature would take some 86 hours.
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