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dioxidedi‧ox‧ide /daɪˈɒksaɪd $ -ˈɑːk-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  HCCa chemical compound that contains two atoms of oxygen and one atom of another chemical element carbon dioxide
Examples from the Corpus
dioxideGases, such as carbon dioxide, dissolve in liquids and can precipitate out as solids.Mr Bondevik wanted to postpone building gas plants until emissions of environmental-damaging carbon dioxide can be cut.Breathing air is cleansed of deadly carbon dioxide in a three-step process.Joseph Black had described carbon dioxide in 1756 while Henry Cavendish described hydrogen in 1766.When we breathe we take oxygen into the body and expel the waste gas, carbon dioxide, or CO2.The main global-warming gas, after all, is carbon dioxide, given off mainly by burning fossil fuels.The water vapor can then be cycled by reacting it with carbon monoxide to make carbon dioxide and hydrogen.Speeding up urban traffic could save 10 percent of fuel, and so cut back on carbon dioxide.
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