Language: Old English
Origin: dyppan


1 verb
Related topics: Agriculture
dip1 past tense and past participle dipped, present participle dipping

put something in liquid

[transitive] to put something into a liquid and lift it out again
dip something in/into something
He dipped his hand in the water.
Dip the strawberries into melted chocolate.

move down

[intransitive and transitive] to move down, or to make something move down, usually for just a short time:
We watched the sun dip below the horizon.
She dipped her head and spoke into the microphone.

become less

[intransitive] if an amount or level dips, it becomes less, usually for just a short time [= fall]:
Profits dipped slightly last year.
Temperatures dipped to -10°C last night.


[countable] if land or a road or path dips, it slopes down and then goes up again

dip your headlights/lights

British EnglishTTC to lower the angle of the front lights of your car when someone is driving towards you


[transitive]HBATA to put animals in a chemical that kills insects on their skin

dip into something

phrasal verb
1 to read short parts of a book, magazine etc, but not the whole thing:
It's the kind of book you can dip into now and again.
2 to use some of an amount of money that you have:
Medical bills forced her to dip into her savings.
Parents are being asked to dip into their pockets for new school books (=use their own money to pay for them).
3 to put your hand into a bag or box in order to take out one of the things inside:
On her lap was a bag of candy which she kept dipping into.

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