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diplomadi‧plo‧ma /dəˈpləʊmə $ -ˈploʊ-/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 British EnglishSE a document showing that someone has successfully completed a course of study or passed an examination I’m hoping to get my teaching diploma this year.diploma in a diploma in catering2 American EnglishSESSEC a document showing that a student has successfully completed their high school or university educationhigh school/college diploma
Examples from the Corpus
diplomaEveryone was given a diploma at the end of the course.Certificates, diplomas and records of achievement will normally be issued within three months of receiving signed marks sheets.These include classes on parenting, self-esteem, conflict resolution and prep courses for the general education diploma exam.She did go on to get her high-school equivalency diploma.It is worth considering what the real benefits of studying at university degree or diploma level might be.Anyone with a high school diploma can enroll in the course.a high school diplomaDistricts also would continue to issue standard high school diplomas.This team will include specialists in each of the areas of study of the diploma programme.Moments later as the Monsignor began to pass out the diplomas, flashbulbs popped and a few home movie cameras whirred.That room, furthermore, contained the violin, diplomas and medals which belonged to brother Carl.get ... diplomaMr Rodriguez's plan is to get a high-school diploma, then win a pilot's licence.high school/college diplomaClarify what they expect young people to know and be able to do to earn a high school diploma.She has a high school diploma, a service-sector job and her own car.These units are amassed toward graduation, and, in most cases, become the only ticket to a high school diploma.But Mr Florio, a former boxer who earned his high school diploma in the navy, was undaunted by the opposition.Districts also would continue to issue standard high school diplomas.Students who complete the program receive a skills certificate along with their high school diploma.White men with high school diplomas earn more than Hispanic women with college degrees.
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