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diplomatdip‧lo‧mat /ˈdɪpləmæt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 PGOREPRESENTsomeone who officially represents their government in a foreign countryambassador French diplomats2 POLITEsomeone who is good at dealing with people without upsetting them
Examples from the Corpus
diplomatBritish and Argentinian diplomats met to discuss peace.Ambassador Thompson is an experienced diplomat who has served in France, South America, and the Middle East.As a natural diplomat, Baxter found it easy to get the two sides to agree.So far as systematic training of diplomats was concerned, therefore, the eighteenth century saw projects and suggestions, but little lasting achievement.Jefferson sent his request by way of diplomats he knew who knew her, and she took months to respond.A shoplifting diplomat caught on videotape was prosecuted by his own government.Even so, a single diplomat may be called upon to serve at different times in a variety of capacities.The recently arrived cultural attache, Ian Sloane, was among the diplomats to be sent home.These diplomats have never seen a famine.
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