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dipperdip‧per /ˈdɪpə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 HBBa small bird that finds its food in streams2 DFUa large spoon with a long handle, used for taking liquid out of a container big dipper
Examples from the Corpus
dipperServed with a dipper pot of seafood sauce and brown bread and butter.The descent, like a big dipper, is exhilarating but perfectly safe.And the result is endlessly fascinating for dippers, with the kind of information included you simply can't find anywhere else.On many upland streams a large boulder will often be the chosen perching spot of the dipper.Then the dipper birds would come wheeling over the dunes, skimming the foam, light as dry leaves.Here I would see many interesting birds, but the most attractive to me was the dipper.The dipper is a typical bird of upland rivers and one species we had very much hoped to see.As you travel eastward the route joins the River Almond where dippers and herons are familiar sights.
Dipper, thethe DipperDipper, the (also the Big Dipper) noun American English  a name sometimes used for the constellation (=group of stars) called the Plough
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