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direct descendant

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdirect descendantdirect descendantFAMILYsomeone who is related to someone else through their parents and grandparents, not through their aunts, uncles etcdirect descendant of She claimed to be a direct descendant of Wordsworth. direct
Examples from the Corpus
direct ofIn many ways the Aphrodisians were the direct descendants of Hellenistic and, more specifically, Pergamene sculpture.The professor said he has no idea if Ayi is a direct descendant of other Glidji monarchs.I don't care for the practice of polling because of polling because it is direct descendant of that fraudulent invention sociology.Those who made it an issue were the direct descendants of the anti-military counter-culture of the 1960s.Many of its problems are direct descendants of the central problems of philosophy.The shire horses are direct descendants of the great war horses, and each one weighs a ton.He was an O'Conor and a direct descendant of the last High King of Ireland.Both marriages were childless; so that Elizabeth was the last direct descendant of William Shakespeare.
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