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direct heat/sunlight

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdirect heat/sunlightdirect heat/sunlightHOT TASTEstrong heat or light that someone or something is not protected from opp indirect Never change the film in direct sunlight. direct
Examples from the Corpus
direct heat/sunlightHowever, far more use is made of geothermal energy for direct heat.Never fall asleep in direct sunlight.Winter, summer, spring, or fall, the Vanyas' house received no direct sunlight.Unfortunately it get direct sunlight, and is afflicted with algae.In bright or open shade, there is no direct sunlight but plenty of indirect light.In full shade there is no direct sunlight, but there is some indirect light.They need bright light, but should be watched for signs of scorching in strong direct sunlight during the summer.It needs this cooling device because it is more exposed to the direct heat of the sun.
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