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di‧rec‧tion S1 W1


[countable] the way something or someone moves, faces, or is aimed:
Which direction did they go in?
in the direction of something
The suspects were last seen heading in the direction of Miami.
in somebody's direction
Tony glanced in her direction and their eyes met.
The girls pointed in the opposite direction.
On seeing me, Maurice changed direction and went along the wharf instead.
As shots rang out, the crowd ran screaming in all directions.
from the direction of something
There was a loud scream from the direction of the children's pool.
in a southerly/easterly etc direction
Continue in a southerly direction until you reach the road.


a) instructions about how to get from one place to another:
A very helpful woman gave me directions to the police station.
b) instructions about what to do
Be sure you read the directions before using any piece of equipment.

way something develops

[countable] the general way in which someone or something changes or develops:
We are happy with the direction the club is taking.
move/head/go in the right direction
I believe that things are heading in the right direction in South Africa.
new/different/exciting etc direction
The company is hoping to extend its operations in new directions.


[uncountable] control, management, or advice
under somebody's direction
Under Thompson's direction, the college has developed an international reputation.

where from or where to

[countable] where something comes from or where something leads
in a direction
The evidence all points in this direction.
from a direction
Help came from a wholly unexpected direction.


[uncountable] a general purpose or aim:
Her mother felt that Rachel's life lacked direction.


[uncountable]AMF the instructions given to the actors and other people working on a film, play etc

➔ a step in the right direction

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