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directionaldi‧rec‧tion‧al /dəˈrekʃənəl, daɪ-/ adjective technical  1 DIRECTIONrelating to the direction in which something is pointing or moving2 TCa directional piece of equipment receives or gives out radio signals from some directions more strongly than others
Examples from the Corpus
directionala directional antennaSo, says Daedalus. imagine a Cexspex lens exposed to a bright directional beam of light.It was several preceptors phasing out together, Posi later explained, that threw directional control and some other functions out of kilter.Hooking up a powered antenna by Terk, which amplifies incoming signals and allows greater directional fine-tuning, produced no appreciable improvement.directional signsNote that both the l.e.d. and phototransistor are very directional - the tops are the sensitive surfaces.
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