1 adverb
di‧rect‧ly1 S2 W2
1 with no other person, action, process etc between [≠ indirectly]:
The new property tax law won't directly affect us.
We hope to bring together the countries directly involved in the conflict.
directly to/from
Application for admission to this course should be made directly to the University.
2 exactly in a particular position or direction [= right]
directly in front of/behind/under etc something
It was a small house, directly behind the church.
The girl was sitting directly opposite him.
Have you noticed how he never looks directly at you?

speak/ask/answer etc directly

to say exactly what you mean without trying to hide anything:
Jeff has a job in mind, but refuses to say directly what it is.
4 British English old-fashioned very soon:
He should be here directly, if you don't mind waiting.
5 British English old-fashioned immediately

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