Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old Norse
Origin: drit


Related topics: Soil
dirt S3 [uncountable]
1 any substance that makes things dirty, such as mud or dust:
You should have seen the dirt on that car!
His face and hands were black with dirt.
a patch of grass, covered in dog dirt (=waste from a dog's bowels)
2TAS especially American English earth or soil:
Michael threw his handful of dirt onto the coffin.
in (the) dirt
The children had been sitting in the dirt.
3 informal information about someone's private life or activities which could give people a bad opinion of them if it became known:
The newspapers had been digging up dirt on the President.
4 talk, writing, a film etc that is considered bad or immoral because it is about sex

➔ dish the dirt

at dish2

; ➔ hit/strike paydirt

at paydirt

; ➔ hit the dirt

at hit1 (17)

; ➔ treat somebody like dirt

at treat1 (1)

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