1 noun
dis‧ad‧van‧tage1 [uncountable and countable]
something that causes problems, or that makes someone or something less likely to be successful or effective [≠ advantage]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
big/major/serious/grave disadvantage advantages and disadvantages be at a disadvantage (=have a disadvantage) put/place somebody at a disadvantage the advantages/benefits outweigh the disadvantages (=there are more advantages than disadvantages ) social/economic/educational disadvantage (=a situation in which someone has a much lower social, economic, or educational level than other people)
disadvantage of
The disadvantage of the material is that it fades in strong sunlight.
disadvantage to
There are some big disadvantages to marriage - you do lose a lot of your freedom.
Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages .
Anyone who can't use a computer is at a disadvantage .
The new rules may put European farmers at a disadvantage.
The benefits of the system far outweigh the disadvantages.
Criminal behaviour can be linked to economic disadvantage.

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