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disappear/vanish from sight

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisappear/vanish from sightdisappear/vanish from sightAPPEARDISAPPEARto disappear ‘Will she be all right?’ asked Jen as the car disappeared from sight. sight
Examples from the Corpus
disappear/vanish from sightWithin a few seconds it flew on again, vanishing from sight and hearing.The rest of us heard a thin squeak, and started calling for her as she had vanished from sight.The shore had vanished from sight.So, since he is disappearing from sight, he has dyed his hair black, eyebrows, too.It disappeared from sight behind the slope of the hill.Then the plane vanished from sight on the radar screen.She vanished from sight, but Hippolytus, too, was gone.Here the linguistic cocoon is spun to such complexity that the characters and narrative structure sometimes vanish from sight.Within seconds of the Wheel disappearing from sight the red glow was extinguished.
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