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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisappointeddis‧ap‧point‧ed /ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪntɪd◂/ ●●● S3 W3 adjective  DISAPPOINTEDunhappy because something you hoped for did not happen, or because someone or something was not as good as you expected Dad seemed more disappointed than angry. disappointed customersdisappointed (that) I was disappointed that we played so well yet still lost.disappointed at/with/about something Local residents were disappointed with the decision.disappointed by something People are disappointed by the lack of political change.disappointed in somebody I’m very disappointed in you.disappointed to hear/see/find etc Visitors were disappointed to find the museum closed.bitterly/deeply/terribly disappointed The girl’s parents were bitterly disappointed at the jury’s verdict.THESAURUSdisappointed unhappy because something you hoped for did not happen, or because something was not as good as you expectedHundreds of disappointed fans were unable to get tickets for the game.I was disappointed with the grade I got in my Maths exam.feel let down to feel disappointed because something was not as good as you expected, or someone did not do what you expected them to do for you – a rather informal useI felt let down when I saw the film.Nurses feel badly let down – they were promised a pay increase months ago.disillusioned /ˌdɪsəˈluːʒənd◂/ disappointed because you have lost your belief that an idea is right, or that something or someone is goodTheir leaders are deeply disillusioned with the peace process.Disillusioned voters are turning against the government.disenchanted no longer feeling enthusiastic, especially so that you do not think you should be involved in something, or give someone your supportAmericans have grown increasingly disenchanted with politics.a disenchanted workforce be/feel sorry spoken used when telling someone that you feel disappointed and wish that the situation was differentI’m sorry you can’t come to the party.She always felt sorry that she hadn’t got to know him better.very disappointedgutted [not before noun] British English informal extremely disappointed, especially because you were unsuccessfulI was gutted when we lost the game.crestfallen literary looking very disappointed and sad, especially when you suddenly realise that something you want cannot happenGary looked crestfallen as they calculated how much money they would need.a crestfallen look
Examples from the Corpus
disappointedHe seemed disappointed and I soon saw why when I got into the main hall.I wasn't really disappointed at all.The Feldwebel looked disappointed at having to endure a situation which he couldn't control.They look disappointed, but I say study first, train later.This resulted in disappointed customers, poor operating efficiencies and a loss.The hall was already full, and hundreds of disappointed fans were turned away at the door.I'm very disappointed in both of you - I guess I expected better behavior.Of all those entitled to feel disappointed, no one less deserved such ill fortune than McStay.The children were very disappointed that we couldn't go to the zoo.We were disappointed to find that the museum was closed.Disappointed tourists were turned away from the Washington Monument today, which was closed for repairs.Backley was bitterly disappointed when an injury prevented him from competing in the Olympic Games.I felt a little disappointed when she didn't come to the party.Our younger child was bitterly disappointed when shown the discreet little warning notices.Were you disappointed with the way you played today?disappointed to hear/see/find etcBut I was disappointed to see Hendrie and Sheridan go for roughly 500K each.Probably disappointed to find it wasn't twenty-one tabs of acid.I had an uneventful cream soup and tea, disappointed to find that Juliana must have had the day off.She was disappointed to find that nothing came immediately to mind.I was very disappointed to find that the family swim session has been canceled this year.Most are disappointed to find that the first chapter is mainly about pigeons.Borrowers, however, may be disappointed to find that the rate only applies to purchases.They were disappointed to find that the seismic snapshots were too blurry to support those kinds of mental leaps.
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