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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisapprovingdis‧ap‧prov‧ing /ˌdɪsəˈpruːvɪŋ◂/ adjective  DISAPPROVEshowing that you think someone or something is bad or wrong opp approving a disapproving frowndisapprovingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
disapprovingThe announcement of a further pay increase for politicians provoked disapproving comments from the leader of the opposition party.Mrs Saulitis threw them a disapproving glance.She'd left the smashed car outside and staggered inside, drawing disapproving glances from the other guests.Would you have put on your disapproving hat and talked about tangled webs and reaping what you sow?And then Georg had closed in on her, a grumpier, more disapproving, hectoring Georg.John gave me a disapproving look when I suggested another drink.Above it hung a picture of a disapproving man who I presumed was Sefton Hamilton's grandfather.Her disapproving parents refused to attend her wedding.The application had been subject to long and disapproving scrutiny at Coutts.
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