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disarmamentdis‧ar‧ma‧ment /dɪsˈɑːməmənt $ -ˈɑːr-/ noun [uncountable]  PMwhen a country reduces the number of weapons it has, or the size of its army, navy etc a commitment to worldwide nuclear disarmamentCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesnuclear disarmament (=reduction of nuclear weapons)Nuclear disarmament had begun to be a popular political issue.multilateral disarmament (=involving several different countries)It might be possible to negotiate some form of multilateral disarmament in the region.unilateral disarmament (=involving only one country)The United States adopted a policy of unilateral disarmament as a way to avoid another war.mutual disarmament (=involving two countries)Each side claims to favour mutual disarmament.disarmament + NOUNdisarmament negotiations/talksUnited Nations disarmament negotiations started today.a disarmament treaty/agreementThere will be US-Russian talks on a new disarmament treaty.the disarmament processThe disarmament process seems to have come to a halt.the nuclear disarmament movementthe growth of the nuclear disarmament movement in the 1950s
Examples from the Corpus
disarmamentIf we go along with the present approach we shall have unilateral economic disarmament and many crucial matters will be decided elsewhere.Far from being a defeat, Reykjavik was a milepost, a turning point in disarmament negotiations.Throughout the world they are the banner bearers of the struggles for unilateral nuclear disarmament.He said that he thought it wrong to encourage a military spirit, and that it was contrary to the ideals of disarmament.The spiritual and physical disarmament of all nations has been one of its essential teachings.This is because there is no organised nuclear peace movement in the subcontinent to provide a focus for the disarmament constituency.Unilateral disarmament for Britain was the policy of the right hon. Gentleman.nuclear disarmamentShe spoke frequently in the Debating Society in favour of progressive causes such as abortion, animal rights, state education and nuclear disarmament.He had seen total nuclear disarmament in the grasp of his President, then seen it slip away.The world appears to be moving toward nuclear disarmament.In 1955, the year of the Geneva summit conference, there were conciliatory gestures towards nuclear disarmament on both sides.Throughout the world they are the banner bearers of the struggles for unilateral nuclear disarmament.Their new Social Democratic Party favoured multilateral disarmament as opposed to unilateral nuclear disarmament.As late as last year a narrow conference majority wanted to hold the party to unilateral nuclear disarmament.In the long term, however, assuring peace and true national security requires some type of mutual and verifiable nuclear disarmament.In a way, nuclear disarmament makes matters worse.
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