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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisciplinariandis‧ci‧pli‧nar‧i‧an /ˌdɪsəpləˈneəriən $ -ˈner-/ noun [countable]  STRICTsomeone who believes people should obey orders and rules, and who makes them do this Dad was a strict disciplinarian.
Examples from the Corpus
disciplinarianHer distance from the moneymaking machine reduced her credibility as a disciplinarian to zero.The store manager was a disciplinarian, but was always fair to his staff.Such a deeply mistaken belief can only come from a citizen of a country with a disciplinarian attitude to politics.His disciplinarian approach was seen to be at odds with West Ham's tradition as a freewheeling and creative team.He was a real disciplinarian who believed that playing the right notes is the most important thing in music.Such an organization would have been an easy target for Labour's disciplinarians.He could be a severe disciplinarian but he was not a rigid man.She was a wonderful teacher, but a strict disciplinarian.Nana, in fact, had been the disciplinarian in my family.strict disciplinarianFrom what Mama told me, Admiral Makarov was a strict disciplinarian, and Dad hated him.Mr. Russ was an excellent teacher - a fair man, but whilst a strict disciplinarian, was kindly.Superintendent Robertson did not care about the mutterings from the lower ranks against her strict disciplinarian attitude.
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