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discipline yourself (to do something)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdiscipline yourself (to do something)discipline yourself (to do something)CONTROLto control the way you work, how regularly you do something etc, because you know it is good for you Try to discipline yourself to write every day. discipline
Examples from the Corpus
discipline yourself (to do something)Are we prepared to discipline ourselves to restrictions and regulations that we feel we ought to impose for our own good?Can we discipline ourselves more in meetings?It shows why philosophy may penetrate so many disciplines and yet remain a distinct discipline itself.Most of us were brought up to accept discipline, and to discipline ourselves.The combined discipline itself becomes a new container.Furthermore, it had no effective way to discipline itself on expenditures.Every month discipline yourself to go through the file and identify at least ten external contacts to phone.He must discipline himself to rigorously avoid any form of activity, be this mental or physical.
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