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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisciplineddis‧ci‧plined /ˈdɪsɪplɪnd/ adjective  CONTROLobeying rules and controlling your behaviour skilled and disciplined workers
Examples from the Corpus
disciplinedThey are a well-trained, disciplined and efficient fighting force.a loyal and disciplined armyThe mystic is seeking to transcend his ego and acquire a disciplined compassion - a crucial virtue in all religions.Once those processes are specifically defined, disciplined execution is the next vital ingredient.Its disciplined four-year plans, they say, are streets ahead of the budgeting in most other government bodies.Both were inspired by the potential of law to create a disciplined framework for global technological and social change.Science is a highly disciplined industry that has traditionally taken a very dim view of emotional expression.We need safe, disciplined schools, where professional teachers work closely with parents.The disciplined study of religion reaches out more broadly to cover all the forms of religious experience.If the nest is disturbed and she decides the family should flee, the youngsters behave in an extremely disciplined way.We're very disciplined when it comes to money.
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