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disclaimerdis‧claim‧er /dɪsˈkleɪmə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  SCLRESPONSIBLE#a statement that you are not responsible for or involved with something, or that you do not know about it – used especially in advertising or legal agreements
Examples from the Corpus
disclaimerWhoever attempts to hide behind a disclaimer must prove it is fair and reasonable to do so.In any event a disclaimer of responsibility is not effective in respect of fraudulent misrepresentation.A disclaimer is an obvious and simple device for a trader to use to avoid committing an offence.The standard mutual fund disclaimer says that past performance is no guarantee of future results.The film itself is preceded by an elaborately ironic but nervy disclaimer about it being just a joke.An oral disclaimer can suffice provided that it is bold and compelling enough to neutralise the effect of the odometer reading.The diet pills include the disclaimer: "For many dieters, weight loss is temporary."Somehow this disclaimer put everything into place.This disclaimer appears to address the cultural reality of pervasive sexism and to declare psychiatry sensitive to it.
From Longman Business Dictionarydisclaimerdis‧claim‧er /dɪsˈkleɪmə-ər/ noun [countable] LAW a statement that you are not responsible for something or not connected with ita case concerned with a disclaimer of liability in a surveyor’s report
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