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discodis‧co /ˈdɪskəʊ $ -koʊ/ noun (plural discos)  1 DLAP[countable] a place or social event at which people dance to recorded popular music the school disco2 [uncountable] a type of dance music that was first popular in the 1970s
Examples from the Corpus
discoNick met Rachel at a disco when she was 17 years old.At the hotel there is a disco which is open from 10 July-20 Aug.U2 have just released a disco remix.Do you know of any discos or clubs in your area listing events under a cigarette brand name?There were presents for every child, disco dancing, party games, fizzy drinks and floating gas balloons.It was a small seaside town with a couple of bars and one shabby-looking disco.If the children had been with us they'd have been in the disco, fortunately soundproofed, every night.
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