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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdiscreetdi‧screet /dɪˈskriːt/ ●○○ adjective  1 POLITEcareful about what you say or do, so that you do not offend, upset, or embarrass people or tell secrets opp indiscreet He assured her that he would be discreet. I stood back at a discreet distance.2 small and showing good taste or judgment – use this to show approval discreet jewelrydiscreetly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
discreetSign language is almost essential in shops too, but it's a little less embarrassing because you can be more discreet.They were rebuked as unwise and improper by the more discreet.Chambers was discreet about the affair.We offer a discreet and personal service to our clients.He was about to kiss her again when he heard a discreet cough.Gaily followed them at a discreet distance and watched as they lowered Miss Faith Lavender into her last resting place.He followed at a discreet distance.Marshall, according to some discreet enquiries he had made, was innocent of trespass - of any kind.People might gossip if we arrived together. It would be much more discreet for us to go there separately.Andrew's very discreet -- he won't tell anyone you're leaving.Skirt lengths are a discreet inch above the knee.A private detective was sent to make discreet inquiries about Miss Hutton's financial situation.A discreet nod indicated that he was ready to leave.We were all pretty open with each other but very discreet outside.The new arrangement caused much criticism of the administrative board members, who maintained a discreet silence.
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