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discretionarydi‧scre‧tion‧a‧ry /dɪˈskreʃənəri $ -neri/ AWL adjective  SCLDECIDEnot controlled by strict rules, but decided on by someone in a position of authority the court’s discretionary powersdiscretionary award/grant/fund etc
Examples from the Corpus
discretionaryThe timing of all subsequent follow up appointments and endoscopies in the healing phase was discretionary.Such laws frequently confer considerable discretionary authority on public administrators.This gives rise to discretionary decisions by adjudicators and administrators, undermining generality and discrediting the ideal of the rule of law.It would mean cutting discretionary domestic programs by one-third, but Dole does not specify how he would do this.Still, the new managers did have some discretionary funds and resources for distribution.In the sixth year they would have to seek discretionary grants.As a result, the discretionary powers of sentencers remained largely unconstrained and out of control.Judges have discretionary powers over sentencing of criminals.We have also been influenced by representations about the position of privately owned companies held on discretionary trusts.discretionary award/grant/fund etcHon. Members must recall that these are, after all, discretionary awards.In the sixth year they would have to seek discretionary grants.Those without a formula entitlement, both inside and outside metropolitan areas, would have to rely on discretionary grants.Still, the new managers did have some discretionary funds and resources for distribution.Such a body may also be more consistent in applying discretionary funds for research and innovative practice.McIntosh worked in the discretionary fund management operation of the firm and also looked after the dealing and institutional sales side.The combined new firm has discretionary funds of more than £4 billion under management, to which Bell Lawrie contributes about half.Twenty-five percent of the funds would go for discretionary grants, with the protected communities also having access to this money.