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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdiscriminationdi‧scrim‧i‧na‧tion /dɪˌskrɪməˈneɪʃən/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 SARUNFAIRthe practice of treating one person or group differently from another in an unfair way laws to prevent discriminationdiscrimination against widespread discrimination against older people in the job marketdiscrimination in favour of discrimination in favour of university graduatesracial/sex/religious etc discrimination (=treating someone unfairly because of their race, sex etc) positive discrimination, reverse discriminationsee thesaurus at prejudice2 DECIDEthe ability to recognize the difference between two or more things, especially the difference in their quality shape discriminationCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + discriminationracial/race discriminationLaws have been passed banning racial discrimination.sex/sexual discrimination (also gender discrimination formal)She claimed she’d been the victim of sex discrimination.age discriminationAge discrimination disadvantages older workers.religious discriminationThere must be an end to religious discrimination.job/employment discrimination (=not giving someone a job because of their race, sex etc)Progress has been made in eliminating job discrimination.workplace discrimination (=at the place where people work)The new law aims to bring an end to workplace discrimination.unlawful discrimination (=not allowed by law)The European Court of Justice decided that she had been the subject of unlawful discrimination.verbsexperience/face discriminationGovernment figures suggest that ethnic minorities face discrimination looking for jobs.end/outlaw discriminationThe purpose of the law is to end discrimination in the workplace.phrasesa victim of discrimination (=someone who has experienced discrimination)Victims of discrimination have the right to make a complaint.discrimination on the grounds/basis of somethingDiscrimination on the grounds of nationality is prohibited.
Examples from the Corpus
discriminationIn the past few weeks the government has once again blocked an attempt to give disabled people legal protection against discrimination.The most common victims of age discrimination are employees in their mid-50s.He believed his boss had violated the age discrimination law.Immigrants faced harassment and discrimination, and were paid considerably less than their white colleagues.In 1974 IBM became the first American company to bar discrimination against gay workers.The result continues to be discrimination.The Department was notorious for its blatant discrimination against non-U.S. citizen employees.No legal framework prevails to enable disabled people to counteract discrimination, unfair employment practices, problems of access, etc.Federal law forbids discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or color.It did not outlaw indirect discrimination and indeed the concept of indirect discrimination did not appear in the legislation.The policy forbids any form of discrimination against gay and lesbian students.Political repression and racial discrimination were at a high point.The company was found guilty of racial discrimination, and was ordered to renew Ms. Jayalalitha's employment contract.a plan to tackle racial discrimination in the police forceracial discriminationThey managed to reform American law, and ban racial and religious discrimination in housing, schools, and the workplace.White-male fears of reverse discrimination have been widely exaggerated.a sex discrimination caseMany women still face sex discrimination in the military.The truth is that social discrimination continues, somewhat attenuated in the North, but hardly at all attenuated in the South.Laws have got to be tougher to stop discrimination against the disabled.But unfair discrimination can keep women from the opportunity to become a boss.racial/sex/religious etc discriminationCo. have sued the securities firm for alleged racial discrimination over an electronic mailing they said contained racist jokes.Brown demonstrated that courageous leadership can make a difference in ending racial discrimination, perhaps more so than bureaucratic bean-counting exercises.Boer nationalism merely erected a massive legislative panoply for racial discrimination.With the increase came growing racial discrimination and unrest between blacks and whites.New Hanover executives have denied requests for comment on the charges of racial discrimination.
From Longman Business Dictionarydiscriminationdi‧scrim‧i‧na‧tion /dɪˌskrɪməˈneɪʃən/ noun [uncountable]1ECONOMICS the process of treating one market, country, type of product etc differently from anotherthe discrimination in favour of imported wine when it comes to excise duty price discrimination2HUMAN RESOURCESLAWwhen a worker in a company is treated unfairly because of their race, sex, age etc, especially by not being considered for a job. This is illegal in many countriesThe survey showed that there was unofficial discrimination against women in the engineering industry.The Bill prohibits employment discrimination against qualified disabled persons on the grounds of their disability. age discrimination genetic discrimination positive discrimination race discrimination sex discrimination